Educational Funding to Support Graduate Students

US Department of Education; Award Number: P200A180065, Project Title: “Bioinspired and Bioderived Materials for Integrating Soft Matter and Polymer Research with Education”; Total Costs: $746,250;  Role: PI


Courses Taught

Online course materials are available through HuskyCT.

    • Biopolymers (POLY 5395/CHEG 5395, graduate elective) Thermodynamics and kinetics of biopolymers (carbohydrates, proteins, DNA/RNA, lipids/biomembranes). Properties, applications, and connections to current research
    • Capstone Design (CHEG 4143W, CBE core, senior level) Continuation of work on chemical process and simulation projects assigned in CHEG 4140. Group work, written and oral communication, and presentation of the final project, which analyzes a chemical process from technical, economic, safety, and environmental perspectives
    • Fluid Mechanics (CHEG 3123, CBE core, junior level) Overall mass, energy, and momentum balances; fluid flow phenomena; theoretical and empirical relationships for design of incompressible fluid-flow systems
    • Heat & Mass Transfer (CHEG 3124, CBE core, junior level) Conductive heat transfer; heat transfer coefficients and design of heat exchange systems. Radiation heat transfer, evaporation; design of mass transfer processes including distillation and extraction; analysis and design of diffusional processes such as gas absorption and humidification. Analytical and numerical methods for the solution of simple partial differential equations describing transport phenomena
    • Introduction to Research (CHEG 4895, undergraduate research) Methods of conducting research; design of laboratory investigations and experiments; correlation and interpretation of experimental results; writing of formal, technical reports; oral presentations; independent student effort, initiative and resourcefulness are required
    • Polymer Properties (POLY 5352/ CHEG 5352, graduate core for POLY and elective for CHEG) Interrelationships between solid state structure, dynamics, and mechanical properties of non-crystalline and semi-crystalline polymers. Considers polymer viscoelasticity, diffusion, failure mechanism, and elementary polymer rheology.